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DJ Jas Johal

Jas Johal

  • Likes:

    To sum it up in a paragraph. I love indian food, home made chicken and rice and a bowl of green chillies is pretty much heaven on a plate! I love travelling, my aim is to see the world, I think I'll need to stop going to Dubai every six months though! As expected I love all music, Chase & Status and Lauryn Hill are probably my favourite artists BUT my first love is 90's R&B, best era by far, Old School Usher, Jon B, Donell Jones, the list goes on! I have a thing for fragrances, got to have the most exclusive an unknown colognes. Favourite DJ? DJ EZ, the guy is unreal, he's every DJ's favourite DJ! Ok Im running out of words so, My wife (she made me put that in!) Liverpool FC YNWA!! Robert De Niro movies and last but not least, a raving crowd, no better feeling in the world than when you're DJing and the dance floor is rocking.

  • Dislikes:

    Man Utd! People that type too loud (ask the guys in the office) and people that eat with their mouth open and slurp their drinks, I'm actually getting angry typing this!! Being Hungry, I'm a moody sod when I'm hungry. I really don't like programmes like Eastenders and Coronation Street, they always make the Asian families so bud bud ding ding! When someone does your nut in for half an hour to play a song and they don't dance.... Grhhh! Oh and don't ask me for De De Gerrah, I deleted that song ages ago. RANT OVER!

  • Specialities:

    Not the best cook, but I can pick a great restaurant to go to, as long as its for a curry night of course! Hosting, it is way more fun than just DJ'ing, I love interacting with the crowd, makes the event so much more fun when you get to know the dance floor. Music specialties?? Anything really, BUT if I had to pick three genres, Bhangra, old school R&B and I love dropping a Garage set!

  • Fave Moments:

    I know its cliche but my wedding has got to be the best time of my life, the entire week was brilliant, with all my family and friends over everyday, partying and making it so special and the reception just topped it off, when I walked into the venue with my wife, the feeling was indescribable! As a DJ, my favourite moment of any party is when you play a classic track that the crowd haven't heard in ages and everyone looks up at you and you hear 'ohhhh,' priceless!

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