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DJ Chonkx

  • Likes:

    Way too many things to mention here, some of the things that I think everyone who knows me will agree on are that I like to be spontaneous, if there is a last minute plan for something fun or crazy- count me in!!! I like to Travel, (I have a suitcase already packed for last min trips away lol) and I love to share my stories from my adventures with friends and family (Most of the time my acting skills will come in to play when sharing a story or two) oh and Italian food is my favourite and I'm forever searching for the most amazing, quirky Italian restaurants. (Always open to suggestions so hit me up people!!!)

  • Dislikes:

    Opening the Freezer to get a scoop of my favorite Ice cream, only to discover my mum has replaced it with slabs of green chili (How Pendu is that) Most people would say this is a win win situation for me cause I love chili however when I'm kicking back and watching a movie I don't really want to be munching on super cold spices, plus the aftermath wouldn't be the greatest!

  • Specialities:

    Speaking PINGLISH - This is a special skill which involves mixing Panjabi with English, it's an ancient art which goes back to my childhood days when I attempted to teach my mum English in return for some Panjabi, God knows where it all went wrong but now I can say I'm one of very few people that has mastered the art of PINGLISH and my mum, well she uses the word INIT after everything she says!

  • Fave Moments:

    Wayyyyy too many to mention. I am fortunate enough to have a good circle of friends and a family which is outrageous and I can confidently say that with everyone who I am or have ever been close to will agree that we have shared some amazingly memorable times together. To mention one in particular would be impossible.

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