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DJ Kabir

  • Likes:

    Liverpool FC, without a doubt! - Spicy food (when I mean spicy, I mean SPICY, not Medium Chicken at Nandos), Notorious B.I.G, Drizzy Drake, and being well dressed and smelling good too!

  • Dislikes:

    Manchester United - all day, everyday. Random requests (I think this is a pet peeve amongst most DJ's), people who tell a story and don't ever get to the point!

  • Specialities:

    Being able to cook, and cook well :-) from a musical perspective, old school R'n'B & Hip Hop - the 90's era produced some of the best music to date!

  • Fave Moments:

    Watch The Throne tour - arguably one of the best concert's I have witnessed! DJ'ing at my first ever international gig in India - absolutely crazy experience. The birth of my nieces & nephew are definitely up there too :-)

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