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Kudos offer Live Drummer With DJ - Entertainment

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Bring two worlds together by booking a drummer to accompany the sounds of your DJ, giving the music at your event a truly different, funky and live twist.

Heighten and enhance your DJ with a drummer booked through Kudos Music who will add more depth and originality to the music playing through the speakers, with a quirky and fun live element.

The live drummer available through Kudos Music is among the best in the business here in the UK, knowing and improving his already fantastic craft on a daily basis. Drummers are used in many different styles and genres of music to provide a steady tempo and rhythmic foundation for the rest of the sounds to sit on top of. However many drummers now are soloists playing a wide variety of sounds and beats through their drum kits alone, and still sounding brilliant!

A bass drum, snare drum and cymbals are among some of the most important elements of a professional drum kit, enabling the drummer to play a vast variety of sounds through them. Imagine the sounds of a drum kit coupled with maybe Bollywood music, or bhangra music? Imagine the sounds of a drum kit accompanying a slow and soft R'n'B ballad? It's the kind of thing that most people would not expect which is why booking a live drummer to accompany the sounds of your DJ is a truly unique way to add some drama to your event.

You can book Kudos Music's live drummer with an accompanying DJ today! All you need to do is pick up your phone and give us a call. Leave the rest to us and we'll guarantee you a drum-beating, hand clapping, musically magical time.

Live Drummer With DJ Video:

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